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Investments Support

Investments Support

General Information

One of the priority directions of the Corporate Lawyer operation is legal services for investments support. The company is mainly engaged in investments support in the following areas:

  • construction of residential and non-residential realty;
  • real estate purchases;
  • purchase of a business;
  • purchase of securities and share in companies’ authorized capitals; and
  • placement of securities under subscription.

We successfully provide consultation for both Russian and foreign customers.


Knowledge Implementation and Instruments

As a rule, transactions with investments touch upon global financial interests of the companies involved in investments projects. Such transactions are very important for them. A whole range of actions for establishing the legal and financial policy in the companies involved in investments projects that would be favorable for the transaction is often required for making investments. This is necessary to minimize legal and financial risks.

Corporate Lawyer, utilizing its accumulated experience of resolving such issues, successfully implements the following instruments and knowledge for investments support:


Consulting customers on investment projects requires taking into account and implementing knowledge of practically all areas of professional legal practice. Due to this, the methodology of this work consists in the formation and operation of working groups including specialists of various areas providing their support to a specific investment project.

Our specialists possess comprehensive knowledge based not only on theory but also on the practical experience gained during their work which contributes to their success in reaching the set goals.

Practices Areas

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