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Liquidation of legal entities

Liquidation of legal entities


The liquidation of a legal entity is a comprehensive and multistage procedure as in addition to the discontinuation of legal entity activities and the registration of the entry about the liquidation of a legal entityinto the Single State Register of Legal Entities, the reasonable entity’s assets management and complete settlements with its creditors are presupposed as well.

Only identification and satisfaction of all legitimate creditors’ demands (or as stipulated by the law the bankruptcy of a legal entity) make the liquidation of a legal entity, from the legislative point of view, complete and allow the avoidance of future claims from creditors and the state.

Because of this, it is extremely important to initially evaluate in detail the situation within the company (group of companies) and choose the right moment for commencement of the liquidation of the legal entity.

Quite often entrepreneurs and also lawyers do not fully realize the importance of certain actions within the liquidation process. The formal completion of the liquidation of a legal entity is made the corner-stone, while possible consequences are neither known nor thought about, and even concealed.

The liquidation of a legal entity within a holding often results in reduction of expenses, management optimization and improvement of business transparency.

Corporate Lawyer employees are highly experienced in the liquidation of legal entities. We help to liquidate legal entities with considerable assets, branches and representative offices, numerous counterparties and employees.

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