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Bankruptcy of Legal Entities

Bankruptcy of Legal Entities


Bankruptcy of a legal entity is the incapacity of a legal entity (debtor) to fulfill its creditors’ demands in full acknowledged by an arbitrage. The bankruptcy is also used to as the name of a set of procedures and relations arising during the circumstances mentioned above or during the threat that they will soon arise.

In whole the process of declaring a legal entity bankrupt, and bankruptcy completion, is a multi-stage and long-term process. Numerous persons take part in the bankruptcy of a legal entity – the debtor, its creditors, an insolvency officer and debtor’s participants, sometimes with conflicting  interests.

Corporate Lawyer provides its legal assistance to all participants during the bankruptcy of a legal entity.

Our specialists provide legal and accounting support for a legal entity’s bankruptcy procedure along with its other participants. We also provide our services in representation and protection of the creditor’s interests during the legal entity bankruptcy procedure.


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