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Corporate Lawyer provides its services for taxation issues to both Russian and foreign companies.

Taxation issues can be a separate consulting area or the customer can be interested in them as part of our support provided for such comprehensive procedures as purchase of real estate, creation of companies, opening branches/representative offices, etc.


Tax Refund

Annual full-scale on-site tax inspections cause considerable additional charges of taxes, fines and penalties, the majority usually being unfounded claims from the tax authorities.

Our specialists are ready to provide their assistance in court resolutions of tax disputes: to make legal examinations of normative acts and actions of a tax authority, take a range of steps to prevent possible tax risks and present a legal position all of which enables our customers to win the disputes.

Moreover, our experience in tax consulting and tax disputes shows that the majority of large industrial companies considerably overpay taxes and charges. The imperfection and divergence of tax legislation as well as ongoing changes in  court practice result in overestimated tax obligations and require timely and objective estimation of current tax reserves and risks.

Our work helps to decrease the current tax obligations through revealing and returning (netting) of the taxes overpaid in the previous periods.

We carry out an express analysis of the documents related to the company’s financial and business operations for revealing possible cases of tax overpayment and solving the problem of their return (netting).


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