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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

General Information

We live in the world of technology. This technology must be correctly protected against unauthorized use. When buying any technology, parties must competently register their rights and obligations in the documents.

However nowadays not only physical properties of goods and services, but also such categories as goods branding and positioning, customer loyalty, history and reputation of a business are important. Both traditional and absolutely new goods must find their niche and target customers to succeed in sales. The means for individualization of separate goods and their producers and sellers are very important today.

The protection of authors’ rights and, conversely, the obtaining of rights to use any copyright objects have the same importance.

In this connection, the provision of proper legal protection for intellectual property of both companies and individuals becomes into an issue of primary importance.


What is subject to legal protection

Corporate Lawyer provides a full range of services for protecting intellectual property.

Our specialists protect all existing types of the intellectual property:

  • trademarks and service marks;
  • artworks, products of science and literature;
  • computer software;
  • data bases;
  • performances;
  • audio records;
  • broadcasts or cable transmission of radio or TV programs (broadcasting or cable broadcasting);
  • inventions;
  • useful models;
  • industrial samples;
  • selection achievements;
  • integrated circuit topologies;
  • know-how;
  • corporate names;
  • names of products origin; and
  • commercial sign.
Intellectual Property Audit

When providing our services, we carry out audits of both existing intellectual property and newly created objects aiming to identify their protectability. We also carry out a specialized comprehensive audit of the company operation to reveal the protected elements and protect individual features of a company and its business.


Risks related to the absence of the intellectual property protection

The absence of intellectual property protection and control over copyright compliance may result in loss of profit (income) and is the risk that causes a hostile impact upon a company when a third party obtains the right to intellectual property objects and requests to buy them threatening to arrest them otherwise.

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