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Labor Relations

Labor Relations


Duly agreed and registered labor relations with company employees, including top managers, reflect a modern and qualified approach to doing business. It avoids many potential disputes on work conditions, social security, medical insurance, bonuses, terms of works, etc. In such conditions labor relations participants can focus solely on doing business.


For Middle and Top Managers

Corporate Lawyer specialists have experience in, and successfully consult their customers regarding, the registration of labor relations between employers and middle and top managers. They also represent managers in their negotiations with employers regarding settling “remuneration packages” in documents: salary, bonuses, medical insurance conditions, etc. After negotiations, such conditions are settled in documents and later stipulated in a labor contract and the company internal documents. If requested, customers’ interests are protected in court.


For Managers

In addition to labor contracts, Corporate Lawyer specialists prepare internal documents regulating relations between an enterprise and its labor collective in general, or with its separate representatives. Customer’s interests are protected in court.


For Employees

Before signing a labor contract, sometimes it needs to undergo  a legal examination revealing whether the contract conditions correspond to the applicant’s interests.

Some cases can require the presence of a qualified lawyer during negotiations on a labor contract in order to agree on optimal work conditions.

Legal services can also be required for protecting employer’s interests in court.

Our company provides its assistance for solving all the issues mentioned above.

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