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Checking the business for legal risks (corporate veil)

Checking the business for legal risks (corporate veil)


Our company provides companies of various levels and areas of activity with services related to evaluation of the existing legal risks, and helps to eliminate or minimize the identified risks, thereby enhancing the corporate veil.

Applied knowledge in the provision of these services depends on the specifics of the business activities, its size, number of companies participating in the activity, size of these companies, their legal organizational form, number and type (legal entities or individuals, residents or non-residents) of business owners, number of hired employees, and various other factors and circumstances.

Following the analysis of the business, we provide the customer with an expert opinion and give recommendations on minimization or elimination of the identified risks or detected irregularities.

Our recommendations help our customers save millions on possible and potential lawsuits, fines and damages that may arise as a result of ignoring the existing legal problems.

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