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Reorganization of Legal Entities

Reorganization of Legal Entities


Reorganization of legal entities is a comprehensive service that requires the involvement of consultants of various specializations to be successful.

Daily business operations often require the reorganization of a legal entity or a group of legal entities.

When reorganizing legal entities, we pay special attention to the following issues:

  • legitimacy of the legal entity creation procedure since mistakes made during its creation can dramatically affect its future operation;
  • relationship of the company’s authorized capital to the value of its net assets;
  • legitimate, complete and detailed distribution of rights and obligations between the entities being organized and those created as a result of the reorganization; and
  • identification of the risks that can arise during the reorganization and notification of these to the customer.

Corporate Lawyer successfully carries out the reorganization of legal entities in all forms established by the law: transformations, mergers, separations, affiliations and segregations.


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