Ценовая политика




Corporate Lawyer has no price list. The price for a service is calculated based on the following external and internal factors.

External factors:

– political situation relating to the task;

– situation with the competitors and state authorities regarding the task;

– relations between the shareholders/founders of the customer or the company which is the task object;

– availability of the judicial practice/precedent regarding the current problem resolution;

– prices of subcontractors when carrying out international, intercity and other assignments;

– commercial value of the solutions offered;

– location of the task object; and

– other objective potential difficulties when fulfilling the task.

Internal factors: 

– the number of the Company specialists who must be involved in fulfilling the task;

– the term required for the specialists to fulfill the task;

– potential communication difficulties (e.g. the object is a non-resident, remote location of the object, language barrier, etc.);

–  Customer requests to fulfill tasks which require reconsideration of the working schedules of the Company specialists;

– financial standing of the customer/client; and

– relationship between the customer and the Company.

Having analyzed all internal and external factors influencing the price for our services, we quote the price and conditions for fulfilling the task, which are the most realistic and realizable.

Having reached an agreement with the customer, the Company will do its best to comply with the agreed term, price and conditions considering this to be one of the most important objectives.



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