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Antimonopoly Legislation

Antimonopoly Legislation

General information

Compliance with the requirements of the antimonopoly legislation is one of the priority principles for doing any business. There are two main tendencies in the antimonopoly legislation development in Russia at the moment:

  • decreasing the number of cases stipulated by the law when business entities must apply to an antimonopoly authority to approve its actions for business enlargement (and thus the decreasing of the total number of entities that are subjects to antimonopoly control, however with the simultaneous intensification of the control over the entities that fall within the control criteria stipulated by the laws);
  • increasing the volumes of sanctions applied when the legislation is breached.

In these terms Russian antimonopoly legislation is being developed in compliance with international experience, when possible sanctions, which can undermine the violator’s business, oppose the temptation to unlawfully limit the competition.


Potential cases that may require working with antimonopoly authorities

Working with antimonopoly authorities is necessary in numerous cases:

  • purchasing of shares and stakes in authorized capital;
  • purchasing of industrial assets;
  • reorganizations;
  • creation of legal entities;
  • concluding property management agreements; and
  • other actions.

The criteria that could require obtaining a permission or future notification of an antimonopoly authority are diverse. In each specific case a comprehensive evaluation of the situation by specialists is necessary for identifying them.

When planning to purchase assets, a reorganization or creation of legal entities, you should apply to specialists beforehand so that the necessity to work with antimonopoly authorities won’t become a reason for delay in the implementation of the planned actions.


What we do

Corporate Lawyer’s specialists prepare applications, and following notifications to an antimonopoly authority, for their customers as well as supporting the consideration of these documents by this authority.

Our specialists have many years of experience of work with antimonopoly authorities and know the peculiarities of the practical application of the legislation. This enables them to prepare documents taking into account the current requirements of the antimonopoly legislation as well as to obtain required documents in the shortest possible terms. We possess experience of working both with companies that have already worked with the antimonopoly authorities and those doing this for the first time.

In our work we always take into account the potential chance that our customers may need to apply to an antimonopoly authority when carrying out their business.


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